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MIG/MAG : Meglio VM Series

MIG/MAG Tapping Selector Welding Machine (Inside Feeder)
  • VM-2201

  • VM-2801

  • VM-2803

They are designed after careful consideration to meet the requirements for the automotive body repairs and light production industry. Problems caused by "Burn Through"

Common in the light guage metal welding by the MIG Process have been eradicated with them. This is done through better circuitry in the PC Board, good quality rectification components and effective wire feeder.

Careful insulation during transformer construction, with high quality lamina plate as the iron core and superior primary and secondary windings enable us to achieve a high output with maximum efficiency for this class of power sources.

MIG/MAG Tapping Selector Welding Machine (Outside feeder)
  • VM-2803

  • VM-3501

  • VM-5001

Whether it's mildsteel, stainless steel, aluminum or ally materials. They are welding power source sets out to impress with a smooth arc.

280-500A of power allows you to weld with large diameter wire, whether it's MIG/MAG or flux-cored. The Meglio series are the ultimate investment that will just keep on bringing return to your operation.

With an added advantage of a portable separate wire feeder unit includeing wire feeder control and made selection option, giving the portability require for difficult to access jobs without moving the power sources.


Advantage :-

- Simple controls with 'clean' appearance for easy operation.

- Easy to move around. Buit in with wheel for easy transport.

- Thermostatic and electronic protection from current over-loads.

- Complete set with internal wire feeder.

Process :- 



Welds :-

- Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Auminum

- Titanium

- Brass

- Cast Iron


Typical Usage :-

- Tool/Die repair

- Maintenance

- Plant fabrication

- Vessel/ Tank/ Boiler Fabrication

- Automotive

- Home and Farm use

- Vocational

- Education

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