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Whether welding in the rafters or in a small, crawl space. The VT-160PP, VT-200PP and VT-250PP is a go any-where welder. These units offer the ultimate in portability and premium arc performance in one of the smallest welding packages available in the market today. The VT Series are designed with the professional welder in the mind. It delivers ultra high speed inverter technology for TIG and MMA welding in the shop or in the field.


The unit accessories complete with TIG Welding Torch (Air Cooled), ground clamp w/cable, Argon Regulator, TIG Welding Glove and Solar Auto Welding Helmet.

DC TIG/MMA : VT Series

Process :- 




Welds :-

- Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Cast Iron


Typical Usage :-

- Tool/Die repair

- Maintenance

- Plant fabrication

- Vessel/ Tank/ Boiler Fabrication

- Automotive

- Home and Farm use

- Vocational

- Education

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