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MMA/STICK, Gouging : Goldarc Series


Here is the Goldarc Series, industrial work machine, delivers premium stick welding and air carbon arc cutting (gouging). Its smooth, low spatter arc provides consistent result day-in and day-out for welding a wide variety of materials.

VS-620T is especially suited for critical welding applications using low hydrogen, cellulose and stainless steel electrodes. Proven, time-tested reliability makes this the power source for all types of stick welding needs.



  • Smooth, consistent arc.

  • Easy to set calibrated output knob.

  • Traditional design for demanding industrial environments.

  • Conserve floor space with stackable case design.

  • All weather protection for field construction.

  • Fan-cooled for extra thermal protection.


Process :- 


- Air arc gouging 

- DC TIG (Optional)


Welds :-

- Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Cast Iron


Typical Usage :-

- Tool/Die repair

- Maintenance

- Plant fabrication

- Vessel/ Tank/ Boiler Fabrication

- Automotive

- Home and Farm use

- Vocational

- Education

- Farm

- Hobbylist

- Heavy Industrial

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