The Potenza Series are the inverter technology with superlative technology. The wave shape of the current drawn from the main is made sinusoidal by the PFC device with a consequent total lack of harmonic dist urbances in the mains and consumption optimization, which enables to utilize the power source at full range on a 16A fuse.

The PFC circuit gives the machine a wider protection against mains voltage fluctuations, by also making it safer whenever being operated by power generator sets.

Digital control panel - designed for easy use, Control all parameters from a single button, Easy start and finish set up. Store up to 10 job working memory.Intelligent protection against over voltage/under voltage/ over current and over heating.


The unit accessories complete with TIG Welding Torch (Air Cooled), ground clamp w/cable, Argon Regulator, TIG Welding Glove and Solar Auto Welding Helmet.


Process :- 



- DC Pulse TIG


Welds :-

- Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Cast Iron


Typical Usage :-

- Tool/Die repair

- Maintenance

- Plant fabrication

- Vessel/ Tank/ Boiler Fabrication

- Automotive

- Home and Farm use

- Vocational

- Education