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The Orso Series are designed for professionals who want complete customization of the TIG process. The Thyristor AC/DC TIG Pulse serial offers the best TIG welding performance in the family.


Challenge it with the most sophisticated applications and it is ready to yield high quality welds time and time to be preset or programmed. The unit can be used with robots and weld positioners.


Automatically adjust the AC wave balane when aluminum welding, Excellent arc starting and stability for smooth, east-to-make weld. Pulse adjustment of frequency, background and peak current for easier control of the arc and reducing heat input. Thyristor output ensures high resistance to AC arc rectification for best operation when welding aluminum.


The unit accessories complete with TIG Welding Torch (Air Cooled), ground clamp w/cable, Argon Regulator, TIG Welding Glove and Solar Auto Welding Helmet.


Process :- 



- AC-DC Pulse TIG


Welds :-

- Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Cast Iron


Typical Usage :-

- Tool/Die repair

- Maintenance

- Plant fabrication

- Vessel/ Tank/ Boiler Fabrication

- Automotive

- Home and Farm use

- Vocational

- Education

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