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WELDING In the Future


VENTORY Groups are renowned for their high-quality technology worldwide.


VENTORY’s wide range of products satisfies even the most demanding requirements and guarantees overall perfection, technological progress, rational design and compliance with the evermore stringent European quality and safety regulations.


We achieve that by exploiting our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of welders and by monitoring the needs of our customers in Italy and abroad. Our constant research into new technologies and techniques is a priority and ensures we stay at the top of our field. Our vocation towards excellence in inverter tecnology at the highest level is highlighted in our production processes.


Our confidence is boosted by the unfailing approval we receive on a daily basis.


About Us


In 1976, precisely on June 22ND, a man had a dream: to create a company capable of ensuring its Customers about product they were using. Certainty of technological innovation, technical development, operational perfection, the certainty of a unique style and an absolute service, .....




  • TIG

  • MMA

  • Plasma

  • Multi-Process

  • Multi-Operator

  • Spot

  • Welding Wire

  • Genuine Accessoires




  • TIG


  • Plasma Cutting

  • Multi-Process

  • Welding Safety Checklist

Our Service

VENTORY Group is a leading manufacturer of TIG welders, MIG or wire welders, stick welders, flux cored welders, multiprocess welders, plasma arc cutters, wire feeders, welding equipment, welding torch guns and accessories, for the Industrial, Maintenance & Repair, Farm and Ranch, Construction, Motorsports, Hobbyist and Fabrication markets. 

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